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Violent Offender Database - Family Violence and Stalking

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This database pursuant to Tex. Govt. Code Sec. 411.1355 will contain information provided to DPS regarding certain domestic violence offenders who on two or more occasions have been convicted of the following Texas Penal Code offenses:
  • 22.01 (Assault),
  • 22.011 (Sexual Assault),
  • 22.02 (Aggravated Assault),
  • 22.021 (Aggravated Sexual Assault),
    [Assault, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated Sexual Assault convictions additionally require the judge’s affirmative finding of Family Violence under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 42.013];
  • 25.11 (Continuous Violence Against the Family),
  • 42.072 (Stalking), or
  • any combination of these offenses.

There is no cost to use the database. The name-based search results will include criminal history conviction information regarding only the above-listed offenses, as well as name identification, photographs, arrest, prosecution, and judgment and sentence information.


Please note:
  • The database will provide information Texas courts report to the department.
  • Convictions from other states or jurisdictions are not included in this database.
  • Not all domestic violence arrests or convictions are included in this database. People arrested and charged with one of the specified offenses may have pleaded to a lesser offense not included in above-referenced list or may have received “deferred adjudication” community supervision for one of the specified offenses, as opposed to having been convicted. Those cases are not included in the database which is limited to convictions for only the specified offenses. Additionally, if the court did not make an affirmative finding of Family Violence for an Assault, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, or Aggravated Sexual Assault conviction, that conviction is not included in the database.
  • A person may petition to be removed from the database if not convicted of one of the specified offenses in the seven (7) years preceding the request for removal.


Provided by the Texas Council on Family Violence

Call 911 if you need help from law enforcement or emergency medical services. The National Domestic Violence Hotline can connect you with an advocate who can provide safety plans, discuss options, and offer resources in your area. The Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Learning about warning signs for domestic violence, or red flags, can support you as you assess your safety. Learning about healthy relationships can also support your safety planning as well.

You can see the National Domestic Violence Hotline page on red flags here: https://www.thehotline.org/resources/know-the-red-flags-of-abuse/

You can see resources around healthy relationships from the National Domestic Violence Hotline here: https://www.thehotline.org/resources/healthy-relationships/

For additional resources and support available, such as how to get a protective order or terminate your lease, please see the Family Violence Program Resource page at this link: https://www.hhs.texas.gov/services/safety/family-violence-program/family-violence-program-resources

Are you concerned about your use of violence in your relationship?

If you are concerned about your use of violence in your relationships and how your abusive behavior has impacted you and your family, help is available to learn to choose healthy, non-violent relationship behaviors through Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Community Justice Assistance Division at https://www.tdcj.texas.gov/documents/BIPP_Accreditation_Approved.pdf .


A person may petition to be removed from this database if they have not been convicted of one of the offenses listed in Tex. Govt. Code Sec. 411.1355 for seven (7) years preceding the removal request.

To submit a petition, search and open the record. Select the “Submit Petition” and proceed with the requested information. The “Submit Petition” option will not be available if the record is not eligible for petition.

Petitions will be denied if the department is unable to identify the individual on the record.

CAVEAT: Any previously approved petitions for an individual will be revoked and added to the database if the individual is convicted again with offenses listed in Tex. Govt. Code Sec. 411.1355.