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Conviction Name Search FAQ

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Criminal History FAQ

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Errors & Problems

Search Credits

What are Multi-Entry searches?


The Multi-Entry feature allows you to enter several searches without waiting for each to process before entering the next, then submit all searches at once when you are done entering the data.

When you click the Multi-Entry button, rather than the Search button, the search you entered will be listed below the search fields so you can enter another search. When you are done entering your searches, click the submit button. The searches will be processed, but you will not be forwarded to the results page automatically as you would when entering a normal individual search.

The Multi-Entry feature will use up multiple search credits, even if you enter the same or similar information more than once. If you do not have enough search credits to process all of the searches you entered using the Multi-Entry feature, you will not be able to submit the searches.

If you do not want to enter multiple searches, do not click on the Multi-Entry button on the search page. The Search button will submit your search and forward you to the results page when it is complete, usually within a few seconds.

If you have pending Multi-Entry searches you do not want to submit, you can remove them using the link next to the search listing.

If you have already submitted your search using the Multi-Entry feature, you can view the results page by clicking on "Search History" on the navigation bar and then "Recent Searches" on the next page. Then click on the search number for the search you wish to view.

I entered a search, and it says "Search Added to Queue" at the top of the page.


If the Multi-Entry feature box on the search page was enabled when you submitted your search, the search will be added to your pending search queue instead of processing. The Multi-Entry feature allows you to continuing entering additional searches without waiting for each to process, then submit all searches at once when you are done entering the data.

If you submitted a search with the Multi-Entry feature enabled and are ready to view the results, click on "View/Submit" above the search box.

How do I report Inaccurate Data?


If you find a record with missing or incorrect information, please call (512) 424-7256.

Can I get a refund for credits?


One search credit will let you enter one search and view one matching record if there are any that match your search information. A search credit will still be used even if there are no matches or if you do not view a matching record.

A 'NO MATCHING RECORDS' response is a valid search result and refunds will only be made for unused credits.

To request a refund for unused search credits on the Secure or Public Website, please use the:

Request Search Credit Refund

How are Credits Used/Deducted (Secure Site Users)


Searches cost one credit even if there are no results. You are then allowed to view rapsheets for all matching names.

My credit card was declined.


If you get a decline message for a credit card transaction, please try the following:

  1. Try submitting the transaction again in a few minutes.
  2. Call the bank that issued the card to find out if there is a reason why this specific transaction was not approved.
  3. If you have tried all of the above and there is still a problem, please contact us using the email form on the "Support" page. Provide all error or decline codes displayed.