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Nondisclosure Instructions

Printed: 7/20/2024 10:57:49 AM (O:0, U:0)

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411.0835 of the Government Code requires the Department to notify private entities that purchase criminal history information when an order of nondisclosure has been issued, thus making the record non-public. The Department will provide a file on our public web site that contains the Nondisclosure records that are no longer public. When an order of nondisclosure is issued you will get notification from DPS only. We will provide you with enough information to match it to other records that you have from other agencies.

You will be notified by email when the file is posted for download each week. You will have 30 business days from the posting of the file to remove any records. Failure to seal the records is a violation of the law and does have penalties.

The file you are sent includes information that will allow you to identify which records must be removed from your system. The tab-delimited file only includes records that have been recently added or modified. Upon request, a file containing all records will be made available.

DPS_NBR char 8 State Identifier Number
NAM_TXT varchar 30 Individual's Name
DOB_DTE datetime Individual's Birth Date
AGY_TXT varchar 75 Arresting Agency's ORI
TRN_NBR varchar 50 Arrest Tracking Number
TRS_COD varchar 4 Arrest Sequence Code
DOA_DTE datetime Date of Arrest
DOO_DTE datetime Date of Offense
AON_COD char 8 Offense Code
AON_LIT char 46 Offense Code Literal
AOL_TXT varchar 50 Offense Text
CAU_NBR char 20 Court Cause Number
CDD_DTE datetime Court Disposition Date
CPR_COD char 12 Court Probation
* This is the maximum field length.